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USB Serial Port Adapters for Globalstar Serial Port Data Interfaces

This article discusses serial port adapters and serial port drivers for connecting computers to satellite phones and modems

Serial Port interface for GSP-1720, GSP-1600, -1400, -1410, -2900, -2800M:

Drivers for serial port data devices are provided by the manufacturers of the serial ports — this could be the PC manufacturer (if it is a built-in port) or else it is the manufacturer of a USB-Serial Port adapter or whatever other adapter the person is using (e.g., Bluetooth-Serial Port).   check with the manufacturer to make sure that your system is using the most up-to-date drivers.

Windows (All Versions):

For Windows, we are recommending ONLY the Edgeport USB-Serial adapters.  This is because, in our experience, Edgeport fully supports all Windows platforms and quickly updates drivers to accommodate new Windows versions and Windows updates.  So, there should be no interface problems at all, with any Windows machine, as long as the person uses a standard serial port on their PC, or as long as they use a compatible standard USB-serial adapter such as the Edgeport.

Summary for the Serial Port Data Interfaces:

There is no single USB-serial device or serial interface manufacturer that serves the needs of PC, Mac, and Linux simultaneously.  Therefore, Globalstar recommends different USB-serial interfaces for each type of operating system.


For PCs, we recommend using ONLY Edgeport devices, because Edgeport supports all Windows platforms, and keeps their drivers updated to keep up with any changes in Windows.  The updates are often available before the new OS is rolled out.


Likewise, for Macintosh, we are ONLY recommending the Keyspan because Keyspan supports all Mac platforms.


Likewise, for Linux, we would ONLY recommend USB adapters which use the Prolific USB-Serial chipset, because Prolific provides drivers which are compatible with Linux operating systems.

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