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Recommendations for GSP-1720 Developers

Globalstar has come up with  a number of recommendations for manufacturers or developers who create products for remote locations.  These recommendations apply to all types of communication equipment, and even to many other types of electronics.  However, for the purpose of this website, we have focused the writeup on the GSP-1720.

The fact is that strange things seem to happen when devices are installed in remote locations, perhaps due to weather fluctuations, power fluctuations or other causes. Any interruption is service, regardless of cause, is inherently difficult to fix from afar.  Therefore, we have developed recommendations to maximize the possibility that a remote device can recover from any unexpected interruption.

These recommendations are provided in the following document, which is available for viewing or download.


GSP-1720 Timing Requirements:

In addition to reviewing the above document, we highly recommend that GSP-1720 developers comply with all of the GSP-1720 timing requirements, which are described in the following post.



Please contact Globalstar if you have any questions.

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January 17, 2017 at 4:15 pm

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