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GSP-1700 USB interface and Windows INF File

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The GSP-1700 handheld phone utilizes a USB data cable for data communications. The USB interface uses a CDC-standard USB driver.

The GSP-1720 can also use its USB interface for data communications, but this capability is rarely used.

PCs which are running Microsoft Windows operating systems will need to use a custom INF file, available at:

The INF file instructs Windows how to communicate with the GSP-1700 device over USB.

  1. Ensure that the GSP-1700 data cable is NOT plugged into the computer.
  2. Download the file to a known location on the computer disk. Record the location of the file, because you will need to use this location in the next steps.
  3. The file is named with a filename of “.txt” for security reasons.  Rename the file from “.txt” to “.inf” so that Windows will recognize the file as a device driver file.
  4. Turn on the GSP-1700.  Insert the GSP-1700 data cable into the GSP-1700 and into the USB port of the computer.   After a slight delay, Microsoft Windows will prompt you for the location of the INF file. Simply navigate to the location where you stored the file (during step 2, above) and press OK.
  5. Windows will install the data port driver using standard Windows components.


  • The GSP-1700 USB port has several data port modes.
    • If a GSP-1700 phone does not seem to connect with an attached computer, it is possible that the phone’s data port has been configured for the incorrect type of data port.
    • If so, the user will have to do a one-time-only configuration of the data port.
    • This topic is discussed in full in Technical Bulletin TB-06-05.

MAC OS X and Linux:

Apple Mac OS X and Linux operating systems use their own standard drivers and do NOT need the Microsoft Windows “INF” file.

Written by Joseph Crowley

January 19, 2017 at 1:41 am

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