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Tips for Optimal GSP-1700 Performance

In order to get the best performance from a GSP-1700 (and other Globalstar phones), follow the tips in Technical Bulletin TB-14-01, Tips for Achieving Optimal System Availability for the GSP-1700, available HERE.

TB-14-01:  Tips for Achieving Optimal System Availability for the GSP-1700

This document covers topics such a:

  1. Where to position the phone so that it has maximum view of the satellite constellation
  2. Necessity of extending the handset antenna completely
  3. Antenna orientation (directly vertical)

The document also explains a number of features and indicators on the GSP-1700 display.

Finally, the document provides some very easy and useful troubleshooting steps.



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January 22, 2017 at 4:47 pm

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