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Globalstar Phones for PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems

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GSP-2900 and FAU200 phones can be interfaced to most “Loop Start” PBX systems. In most cases it is possible to simply use an existing analog interface port on the PBX, also known as an FXO port, and to configure the PBX line for Loop Start.

Sometimes, however, the PBX is not pre-configured with an analog upstream FXO port, in which case the customer must purchase an analog interface card for their PBX.

If an analog upstream FXO card is not available for the customer’s PBX, or if the FXO card is overly expensive, then we recommend using an inexpensive analog PBX (e.g., Panasonic KX-TA624) to interface the digital upstream port of the customer’s main PBX to the analog tip/ring (POTS) port of the Globalstar fixed phone.

Installation Notes:

  • It is possible to install an inline RJ-11 modular phone plug splitter between the PBX and the GSP-2900 to provide the GSP-2900 tip/ring signal simultaneously to the PBX and to a dedicated handset located within the user’s facility.
  • This configuration is sometimes considered a good contingency plan because, since the dedicated line bypasses the PBX, the dedicated line can be used to make and receive satellite calls even if the PBX fails or even if there is an interruption in the facility power to the PBX.

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Written by Joseph Crowley

February 21, 2017 at 12:42 pm

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