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International Dialing Instructions

QUESTION: How do I dial an international phone number on a Globalstar phone?

ANSWER:  Use the “+” Dialing Standard

Short Answer: Dial “+”, followed by the Country_Code, followed by the rest of the phone number


    • +1-985-327-7500   <==  This will always reach the Globalstar USA/Canada Help center, and will work wherever you are in the world
    • +1-254-xxx-xxxx  <== This is an example of calling another Globalstar phone
    • +33-xxxxxxxxxx    <==   this will call a phone number in France (country code 33).  Use the same dialing pattern throughout the world.

 Summary:  If you put the “+” sign and the country code before the phone number, you can always use the same dialing sequence wherever you travel


Globalstar recommends that, before leaving for travel, subscribers store at least a few important phone numbers in their handset’s “phone book” using the international dialing format.

    • +1-905-712-7197   GUSA Help  ==> This is the customer care phone number for Globalstar USA
    • Phone numbers for your home, a close friend, and for a primary coordination person
    • ICE number (In Case of Emergency) ==> see

These are not only useful phone numbers for the subscriber to have immediate access to, but the stored numbers in the phone book serve as a ready reminder of the correct dialing format.  Such a reminder can make a crucial difference when dealing with the adrenaline of an emergency or the fog of jetlag.


More Information:

  • Globalstar complies with the International “+” Dialing Standard for dialing phone numbers.
  • Dialing instructions and other usage tips are provided in the users manual which is supplied with each Globalstar phone.   Following are some simple instructions.
  • Handheld Phone (GSP-1700, GSP-1600, Telit SAT550, Ericsson R290)
      • Press and hold the “0” (ZERO) key.
      • At first, the digit ZERO will be displayed, and this will then change to the “+” symbol.
      • AFTER the “+” is displayed, enter the country code and the phone number of the phone that you are trying to reach.
    • For example:
      • In order to call to the USA,  dial “+”, then “1” for the North American “country code” and then the area code and phone number of the destination.
      • +1-905-712-7197 is therefore the correct number to dial for the Globalstar USA Customer Care center
    • Universal:
      • The “+” prefix works wherever you have Globalstar service.
      • When a phone number is preceded by “+”, the gateway automatically analyzes the phone number and, if necessary,
        • either translates the “+Country_Code” to the correct dialing sequence
        • or it strips off the “+Country_Code” characters if international dialing is not required for reaching the destination phone number.
  • “Fixed” Globalstar Phone (GSP-2900 or FAU-200):
      • There is no “+” on a fixed phone.  Therefore, prefix the international phone number with the international dialing prefix for that country
      • Many countries use simply two consecutive zero digits, “00”.
      • For example:     Use 00905-712-7197   to reach the Customer Care Center at the Globalstar USA/Canada offices
    • Note:  A number of countries, for example Australia, Korea and others, have unique international dialing prefix codes.    Therefore, if your calls are not successful, call Globalstar Customer Care to learn the correct dialing procedure for the country you are calling from.

More Help is ALWAYS Available:

  • We will help you resolve any problems that you encounter with the Globalstar service.  You can reach us in a number of ways:
    • Call the local Globalstar office for the country you are in
    • Visit any Globalstar Customer Care website
    • Call the Globalstar USA/Canada Customer Care Center.

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