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Making the Most of a Low Bandwidth Data Connection

Use the following methods to optimize bandwidth usage

  1. Use Low-Bandwidth Communications — available to All Devices (Smartphones, tablets, other mobile devices, laptops, desktops)
    1. Secure Browsing is often available using Low Bandwidth browser interfaces
      1. Most banks, credit unions, credit card companies, investment houses, etc. have developed small-bandwidth versions of their secure web pages (and normal pages, too) so as to support mobile phone users.
      2. Any device, including Laptops and Desktops, can access the secure websites very efficiently by using the mobile phone versions of the secure website pages.
    2. Smartphone, Tablet or other Mobile Device:
      • Use browser on your smartphone or tablet — websites will automatically deliver content in the low-bandwidth format
    3. Desktop or Laptop:  Use a Mobile-enabled browser to visit the websites.
      1. Opera Mobile Emulator — This is the easiest way to evaluate all the different variations of the mobile-enabled web pages
        1. Download & install the Opera Mobile Classic Emulator (
        2. Try out different “mobile” versions of websites very easily – various flavors of the Kindle, iOS platforms, etc
      2. Manually configure your browser’s User Agent
  2. Accelerate transfer of high-bandwidth data on Laptops and Desktops
    1. ExpressData – provided by Globalstar on many subscription plans
      1. Compresses all data.
      2. Can also compress email links
    2.  Browsing — Use a different User Agent for your browser
      1. Internet Explorer ==> Available via F12
      2. Chrome ==>  Available via Developer Tools in the Chrome settings menu

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