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Reinforcement of GSP-2900 Stick Antenna for Extreme Environments

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Heat-Shrink Overwrap Reinforcement for GSP-2900 Antenna  Easy way to protect antenna against micro-cracks, water leakage, breakage …

Over time, a small percentage of GSP-2900 stick antennas can develop small fractures on the plastic threaded coupling at the base of the antenna. These fractures can eventually result in breakage or permit leakage of rain and sea water into the radio unit and or the antenna, especially in maritime installations.

Whenever possible, installers should reinforce the  coupling at the base of the stick antenna mounting by installing a 4-inch length of 1/8 to ¼ inch thickness heat-shrink sleeve/tubing which has an internal adhesive layer as shown in the photo below. This type of heat-shrink tubing is thick enough to provide additional strength, it distributes stresses over a greater length of the antenna, and it provides additional waterproofing in case of miniature fractures which can arise over extended periods of adverse conditions.  This helps to eliminate vibration and also protects the coupling from getting brittle which will occur from prolonged exposure to ultra violet rays from the sun.  In addition, we recommend that a bead of sealant (for example, RTV sealer) be applied to the top of the heat shrink tubing so that water will not get caught at the top of the heat-shrink sleeve. The internal adhesive layer provides additional protection against water intrusion into the joint. See following photo for an example of a GSP-2900 which has been fitted with this solution.

GSP-2900 with Reinforced Antenna Heat-Shrink Overwrap Reinforcement for GSP-2900 Antenna

GSP-2900 units with remoted stick antennas face the same basic problem and, although the remoted antenna is separate from the GSP-2900, installers should use the same basic reinforcement method. This will help ensure that the GSP-2900 antenna will be able to better withstand the stresses and strains of the field environment.

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Written by Joseph Crowley

April 18, 2017 at 2:09 am

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