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How to send messages to an Iridium phone

Use either a web browser or email

Option 1 — Web Browser: is the URL to send an SMS to an Iridium phone.

Option 2 — Email:


Getting ALL the Iridium SMS messages …

How can I make sure I get all the SMS messages from the Iridium gateway to be delivered to my phone?

Option 1:  Re-register the phone

To ensure messages are sent to your phone from the Iridium Gateway, you should manually re-register the phone onto the network at regular intervals by switching the phone off then on.

Option 2:  Call into the Tempe Gateway

You should also dial the Iridium test number (Free Call): 00 8816 3111 0006, you will hear a recorded message informing you that “You have reached the Iridium Satellite Tempe Gateway, your access to the Iridium Global Network. Welcome.” The Gateway will then forward any stored messages to your phone.

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April 29, 2017 at 12:36 pm

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