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Using AT$QCSTATUS to determine Service Provider and Gateway

Is there an AT Command that will show the names of the Service Provider and the Gateway that are providing service to a Globalstar phone or modem?

The AT$QCSTATUS command provides the name of the Service Provider as well as the ID number of the Gateway.

To the extent possible, The Globalstar system has been designed to insulate the user from concerns about which gateway they are on . . . analogous to how cellular systems don’t indicate which base station a user is locked onto. The Globalstar system is not gateway-centric or regional. It is an interconnected network of Service Providers.

The one key piece of information for a Globalstar user is the Service Provider, which is displayed in the PROVIDER field of the AT$QCSTATUS output. As soon as a Globalstar phone or modem registers on the Globalstar network, and is ready to make/receive calls, the PROVIDER and GATEWAY fields of the AT$QCSTATUS response will be populated and you can simply display these strings to your user. There’s no need to develop or store any lists.

It is the Service Provider (SP) which a phone registers with. To a user, there is no “registered gateway,” only a registered SP. Some Service Providers reside only on a single gateway, some SPs reside on multiple gateways, some gateways have only one SP and some gateways might have as many as sixteen (16) SPs.
When the phone/modem is going through the registration process, the Globalstar system automatically determines the geographic location of the Globalstar phone/modem and uses the phone location information, in conjunction with subscription information and roaming agreements, to determine which SP, on which gateway, will provide service to that phone/modem. Sometimes a phone/modem starts the registration process with one gateway, but transitions to another gateway, or starts with one SP and ends up with another one. In the end, regardless of which gateway is serving a particular phone/modem, registration is always handled at the SP level, which is where “the buck stops”.

Therefore, for your application, it would make the most sense to display the Service Provider name (from AT$QCSTATUS) as the primary piece of registration information and, if desired, you could display the gateway number as a subsidiary number in parentheses. For example,

  • Globalstar USA (11)
  • Globalstar USA (1)
  • Globalstar USA (4)
  • Globalstar USA (23)
  • Gstar Mexico (23)
  • GSCanada (4)
  • GSCanada (11)
  • etc.




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