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Why must new GSP-1620 products be Certified?

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The simple answer is that we are required to do so by radio and safety regulations. All new GSP-1620 products must be certified by Globalstar before the devices can be sold or used on the Globalstar System. We are sometimes asked why Globalstar requires separate certification of the GSP-1620 products, since other wireless modems can sometimes be integrated into new products without additional certifications as long as the integrators agree to comply with the products’ intended design criteria — i.e. correct/approved supply voltage, antenna, and so on. The reason is that the OEM GSP-1620 must be installed properly in order to satisfy radio and safety regulations.

We have incorporated the Globalstar Certification requirement into the GSP-1620 Satellite Data Modem (SDM) purchase agreement which all GSP-1620 developers must sign prior to receiving a GSP-1620 SDM Integrator’s Kit. These terms apply to any existing GSP-1620 modem and any associated product development effort. AND these are the terms that will apply to any future modems that would be purchased when the integrator wishes to produce more of his product. Clauses 13(c) and 16 are specifically related to the requirement for Globalstar Certification.

The difference between our OEM bare-board GSP-1620 modem and the modems used on other wireless networks is that the latter modems are often purchased in the form of enclosed, self-contained packages whose type approval carries with them even when they are interfaced to other products. As a point of interest, this is the same as with our GSP-1600 and GSP-2900 products, to which data cables can be attached without further regulatory approvals. In the case of the GSP-1620, however, the integrator is putting the bare board into his own enclosure, with his own radio cables and data cables, and possibly with other electronics. Therefore, Globalstar must certify that the integrated product, to the best of our analysis, still meets the regulatory specifications. In fact, the customer may not realize it, but he would be required to re-certify any wireless product, even the aforementioned wireless modems, if he took the boards out of their respective enclosures and put the boards into his own box. In the case of the GSP-1620, since Globalstar only sells the modems as OEM boards, we MUST certify ALL implementations of the modem.

Written by Joseph Crowley

May 2, 2017 at 10:59 pm

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