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Damage to GSP-1600 Bottom Connector

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The contents of this posting are provided in Technical Bulletin TB-02-0315.

For convenience, the contents of the Technical Bulletin are repeated below.

This bulletin has been issued to advise Globalstar dealer service/sales personnel to be aware of physical damage to the bottom connector of the GSP-1600 UT. This type of damage is NOT COVERED under the 1 year warranty of the GSP- 1600. In all cases of damage to the bottom connector, customer abuse has been determined as the cause.

Below is a picture of two damaged GSP-1600’s. The phone on the left side of the picture was damaged by improper insertion into the car kit cradle. The picture on the right shows damage sustained when the phone was used as a hammer!!

All damage to the bottom connector causes problems with car kit use as well as inability to charge the phone with wall and/or automotive chargers.

Any phones returned to Globalstar are evaluated for this type of damage. If damage is discovered, the dealer will be given an estimate for repair of the phone.

Please protect your integrity by inspecting any phone returned from your customers. Globalstar will not be liable for non warranty charges related to hardware abuse.

Customer education is necessary to offset this type of damage. Aggressive insertion of the phone into the car kit cradle is a major cause of connector damage.

Written by Joseph Crowley

May 3, 2017 at 9:22 am

Posted in GSP-1600

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