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Phone Patch for Remote RF Repeater Site

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A full description of a Phone Patch for Remote RF Repeater Sites is provided in Application Note A01-0619.

For convenience, the text of the Application Note is provided below.

Globalstar Satellite Service provides communications products and services to individuals and businesses that require voice and data service beyond cellular and landline capabilities. Currently Globalstar supplies Handheld and Fixed satellite phones offering quality voice and data service including Internet and Dial-up access. Another application that our service can be used for is offering remote RF repeater sites the ability to have an “outside” line of communications.


  • Offers the ability to have outside communications with DTMF capable 2-way radios through a Globalstar Fixed satellite unit – either the GSP-2900 or FAU200.

    • In remote campsites or work areas, workers with 2-way radios have the ability to talk to each other (within the group) through a localized RF repeater site, but they are unable to communicate to anyone other than the people in the group. If the radios are DTMF capable and the base system has a PSTN (telephone) interface, the Fixed satellite unit can be connected to the PSTN interface to provide an outside line. This transforms the 2-way radios into a communications device that goes beyond the limits of the repeater site capabilities.

    • By having the radios DTMF enabled, and connected to the Globalstar satellite unit, workers in the field will be able to stay in contact with each other and have access to outside communication through their existing handheld radio equipment.

Please note any add-on components are not inventoried items and must be special ordered.

Written by Joseph Crowley

May 3, 2017 at 10:09 am

Posted in GSP-2900

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