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GSP-2900 Installation in Maritime/Extreme Environments

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This document is intended as a guide for installation of the GSP-2900 Fixed Phone (also referred to as GSP-2800 or GSP-2400) with remote antenna in a maritime or other extreme environment.The following points outline areas where extra attention is necessary to prevent damage to the Globalstar Satellite Phone components.

  • Install the GSP-2900 inside the cabin or other area of the vessel which is protected from moisture and salt water.
  • Install adhesive lined heat shrink tubing on all RF connections. This prevents loosening of the connection due to mechanical vibration and moisture intrusion into the connector.
  • The Low Profile Antenna (GSP-1620) has a painted aluminum base which requires the application of a corrosion preventative product such as LPS-3 to ensure long life in a salt-water environment. There are many corrosion preventative substances available for this purpose.
  • Mount the Low Profile (GSP-1620) antenna so that it has a 360-degree view of the sky from 10 degrees above the horizon. For best results, the antenna should be mounted at the highest point on the vessel. Shadowing of the Globalstar antenna by any object can impair performance.
  • Mount the stick antenna using the same criteria as the Low Profile antenna, but ensure that the stick antenna cannot be contacted by objects that may cause damage to it.

Detailed instructions for installing the GSP-2900 stick antenna on a ship are provided here.


Written by Joseph Crowley

May 9, 2017 at 9:30 am

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