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Data Mode Setting of the GSP-1700 (TB-06-05)

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Product Management Technical Bulletin No. 06-05
Last updated: 5-January-2015

The GSP-1700 USB port has three data port modes:

  1. Data Only
  2. DMI Only
  3. Data + DMI

If a GSP-1700 phone does not seem to connect with an attached computer, or the computer does not seem to recognize the phone’s data port, it is possible that the phone’s data port has been configured for the incorrect type of data port. If so, the user will have to do a one-time-only configuration of the data port.

If you suspect that the phone may be set to the wrong type of data port interface, check the Data Port Mode setting using the following procedure:

Press the following key sequence.

MENU (softkey)

  • Note that the MENU softkey is the button in the upper left of the keypad.
    • The definition of the softkey changes as you move through the menus, which is why it is called a softkey.

The above key sequence will bring you to the DMI/Data Interface menu of the GSP-1700.

  • At this menu, the words “Data only” should be displayed. If not, then:
    1. Use the rubberized volume keys on the left side of the phone to toggle through the different types of data port interface modes
    2. When “Data Only” is displayed, press the “OK” softkey (which used to be the MENU softkey)
    3. Press the “now” softkey to command the phone to save the new setting and reboot with the new setting enabled
  • The phone is now configured to communicate data over the CDC-standard USB interface.


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