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Is a GDC-KIT needed if I have a GCK-1410 Car Kit?

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Is special software needed in order to install data services on a car kit?

Answer: For optimum service and reliability, whenever a customer purchases a car kit, he/she should also order the GDC-KIT data kit for the GSP-1600, unless he/she already has the kit. The GDC-KIT is an important item because it provides the software, the documentation CDROM, and a backup cable for standalone operation in case there are any problems with the carkit. Such potential problems might include PC hardware/software problems as well as problems with the 3rd party serial cable that will undoubtedly be installed with the car kit. An additional factor, for both the customer and the data support team, is that is is much more difficult for the customer to do any troubleshooting of his connection if he does NOT have a GDC-KIT.

It is true that Globalstar’s data services can be installed without any software from Globalstar and without the GDC-KIT cable. However, if the customer expresses any intention of running data over the carkit, then it is obvious that data is an essential part of the customer’s operation. We have helped countless folks through data problems, and we can assure you that problems with Globalstar phone equipment are very infrequent. The vast majority (>98%) of the time, the problems are with users’ PCs (either their operating system, software or hardware), their applications, their cables, or their antenna installations. Therefore we strongly encourage selling a carkit only with a GDC-KIT, so that the customer can bypass all the likely causes of difficulties when trying to get set up on data. Also, if you do NOT sell a GDC-KIT, then the customer has no backup solution available for data communications. That means that there will be no data communications capability if there is a power failure (e.g., the 12V car/boat battery dies) and no backup if the carkit antenna gets damaged during a sea storm (or other emergency), or if the antenna cable becomes damaged.

The irony is that many people purchase a Globalstar phone for use in exactly these emergency situations. If data is not important to the customer, then there is no need for a GDC-KIT. But if the customer has any interest in using the system for data, then the GDC-KIT is an essential element of the sale. By definition, emergencies do not occur on any schedule. Therefore, emergencies must be anticipated and planned for, and Globalstar data services should be included in that planning.

Written by Joseph Crowley

May 15, 2017 at 9:08 pm

Posted in GCK-1410 Car Kit

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