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Recommendations for GSP-1600 Data Interface

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Assert DTR line to open the port and wake up the GSP-1600 data port:

  1. Wait for 300-500msec until the GSP-1600 is ready to receive AT commands.
  2. Send an AT command to see if the GSP-1600 is “alive”
  3. Send an AT$QCPKND=1 command to disable the phone/modem’s auto dial behavior, so that the phone will NOT auto-dial #777 to set up a PPP link by itself

The 1600 CAN undergo unexpected resets.  In order to detect this event, you should monitor the CTS signal to determine the characteristic behavior which occurs when you cycle power on the phone.

Written by Joseph Crowley

May 21, 2017 at 12:17 am

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