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Car kit Registration Problems (TB-07-01)

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Product Management
Technical Bulletin No. 07-01
Last updated: 20-March-2007

Car kit Registration Problems

This technical bulletin applies to Globalstar GSP-1600 phones (all software versions) in conjunction with GCK-1400 car kits.  In rare instances, the problem has also been seen in GCK-1410 car kits.

The symptom of this particular problem is that the Globalstar handheld phone will register when out of the car kit cradle but, when plugged into the car kit cradle, it shows 4 bars of signal but never registers.

The workaround is as follows …
First, power up the car kit so that it is ready for use.  Ensure that the car kit antenna is deployed and connected, and that the car kit power source is plugged into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter or other 12.0 Volt source.  Then, before inserting the phone into the car kit cradle, take the hand held unit outside and allow it to register on a Gateway.  Make a test call to ensure that the phone is properly registered, and then end the call.  After the phone has registered through the above procedure, lower the antenna and insert the unit into the car kit cradle (DO NOT POWER IT OFF).  Note that the display shows “Car Kit Connected”. Shortly after the Satellite signal is acquired by the car kit, the handheld phone will register.  The phone and the car kit will now operate normally.  If the car kit loses signal, it will continue to operate normally and the phone will always re-register upon sufficient signal acquisition.

If you experience the above-mentioned problem or any similar type of problem, please call Customer Care at 1-877-452-5782 so that they can help diagnose your particular situation and troubleshoot the connectivity problems.

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Written by Joseph Crowley

May 28, 2017 at 6:18 pm

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