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What is N10451?

N10451 is marked on many Globalstar products.  This is not a Globalstar model number.  The N10451 is a code, called the C-Tick, used for regulatory compliance in Australia and New Zealand. It is a specific code issued by ACMA (Australia) or RSM (New Zealand) indicating that the product has been evaluated and regulatory approval has been assured by Pivotel Group Pty Limited (  The N10451 mark can only be placed on products that have been specifically approved by Pivotel.

A C-Tick code with a different numeric suffix to “N” indicates that the importer/distributor is a company other than Pivotel, and that this other company is responsible for regulatory compliance of the product.

All electrical and electronic products to be sold in the Australian and New Zealand markets must be “Globalstar Registered” or “Globalstar Certified”,  and must comply with the required standards.

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Written by Joseph Crowley

May 30, 2017 at 11:30 am

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