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Configure iPaq for GSP-1600 (TB-01-0829)

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To configure an iPaq for a GSP-1600, see Technical Bulletin TB-01-0829.

For convenience, these instructions are also provided below.

Items Required


  • Globalstar GSP-1600 handset
  • Globalstar data cable
  • Compaq iPAQ 3600 Series PDA
  • Compaq iPAQ serial data cable
  • Globalstar-to-iPAQ adapter cable (can be constructed per attached diagram, or obtain from a computer retailer)


Step 1 – Set up your Globalstar handset for data

1) Power-up GSP-1600 handset, press Menu – 4 – 4, verify that baud rate is set to 38400.

2) Press Menu – 8 – 8 – 2, verify that data setting is at ‘Current’ or ‘Gstar Only’.

3) If above menu options are not available, check that you have software version 4.7.1 or higher. Press Menu – 8 – 3 and look at the third line of the display. Contact Customer Care for upgrade.

Step 2 – Set Up Globalstar Data Connection on the iPAQ PDA.

1) From the iPAQ ‘Today’ screen tap ‘Start’, ‘Programs’, ‘Connections’. You should see the ‘Connections’ screen. Tap ‘go to modem settings’ at the bottom of the screen. On the ‘Settings’ screen, tap ‘New Connection…’. Enter the following data:

Name for Connection: Gstar Data

Select a Modem: Hayes Compatible on COM1:

Baud Rate: 38400

2) Tap ‘Advanced’, enter:

Data Bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop Bits: 1

Flow Control: Hardware

All checkboxes at the bottom of the page should be clear.

3) Tap ‘TCP/IP’ tab at bottom of page

Select ‘User server-assigned IP address’

Check ‘Use Software Compression’ and ‘Use IP header compression’

All other checkboxes should be clear.

4) Tap ‘Name Servers’ tab at bottom of page

Select ‘Use specific server address’

5) Enter DNS: of and Alt. DNS of Tap ‘OK’ at top of screen

6) You should be back at the ‘Settings’ screen. Tap the ‘Next” box. Enter ‘#777’ (without quotes) in the ‘Phone Number’ box. All other boxes should be blank.

7) Tap ‘Next’. Uncheck all options.

8.) Click ‘Finish’, you should be back at the ‘Settings’ screen.

9) From the ‘Settings’ screen, select the ‘Dialing’ tab at the bottom of the page. At the ‘Modem Connections’ screen, select ‘New’. Enter the following data:

Location Name: Gstar

10) Tap ‘OK’

Under ‘Local Settings’, select ‘Tone dialing’. All other entries on this page should be blank.

11) Tap ‘Dialing Patterns’ box

Enter ‘G’ or ‘g’ (without quotes) in all three boxes. Tap ‘OK’ twice. You should be back at the ‘Connections’ screen.

You are now ready to test your configuration. Check your location to ensure that you have a clear view of the sky. Power up the Globalstar handset, extend the satellite antenna, and observe that the phone is properly registered with the Globalstar network (you will see a small icon with a lower-case ‘I’ on the display of the Globalstar phone). Connect the Globalstar phone to the iPAQ using the Globalstar Data Cable, the Globalstar-to-iPAQ adapter, and the iPAQ serial cable. Go to the ‘Connections’ screen on the iPAQ PDA and tap ‘Gstar Data’. On the ‘Connect To’ page verify that all boxes are empty, the phone number displays as ‘T#777’, and the ‘Dial From’ box displays ‘Gstar’. Tap ‘Connect’

You should see the following dialog boxes appear in succession: ‘Dialing #777’, ‘Device Connected’, ‘User Authenticated’, and finally ‘Connected’. You are now connected to the Internet via Globalstar! Pocket Explorer, email Inbox, etc., should all be functional. (Setup of the email client is discussed in the following section.) To disconnect simply tap the ‘Disconnect’ box.

If you cannot connect please re-check that all of the above instructions have been followed.

Setup of the iPAQ email client (‘Inbox’)

1) Verify that you can successfully connect to the Internet via Globalstar as described in the previous section.

2) On the iPAQ, select the ‘Inbox’ application via the Start menu. At the Inbox main screen, select ‘Services’ at the bottom of the screen. Select ‘New Service…’. Enter the following data:

Service Type: POP3 Mail

Service Name: (Enter your mail service provider name).

3) Tap ‘Next’. Enter:

Connection: Gstar Data

Server: Enter your mail server POP3 address (your Internet Service Provider will provide this information.)

User ID: Enter your User ID (your Internet Service Provider will provide this information.)

Password: Enter your account password.

Check the ‘Save password’ box.

4) Tap ‘Next’. Enter:

Domain: Leave blank.

SMTP host: Enter SMTP mail address (your Internet Service Provider will provide this information.) or use “” to overcome firewall security issues.

Return address: Enter your return email address (i.e. ‘’)

5) Tap ‘Next’

Check ‘Disconnect service after actions are performed’. Uncheck all other options.

6) Tap ‘Next’

Select ‘Get full copy of messages’ or ‘Get message headers only’ as per your preference.

The two options operate as follows:

Get full copy of messages’ will download the full content of all email messages available on the server. ‘Get message headers only’ will download only the first portion of each message, and you will have the option of marking the message for full download on a later connect if you desire. This option will allow you to screen long messages and avoid downloading those for which you do not need to see the full content. This option may save airtime depending on the content of your messages.

Uncheck all other options on this page, then tap ‘Finish’. You should be back at the ‘Services’ screen.

7) Tap ‘Message’ at the bottom of the screen.

Check all boxes, and select ‘Return to message list’ and ‘Empty deleted items immediately’.

8.) Tap ‘OK’ at the top of the screen. Setup is now complete and you should be back at the ‘Inbox’ main screen.

To check your mail, ensure that your Globalstar phone is powered up, registered, and properly connected to your iPAQ as described above. Tap the small icon of the ‘hand holding the computer terminal’ at the bottom of the Inbox main screen. You will see the ‘Connect to’ dialog box, then tap ‘Connect’. The iPAQ will automatically connect to your mail server, download any waiting messages, transmit any messages you have composed, and then automatically terminate the connection. Using this feature and reading/composing your mail offline will result in lower Globalstar connect charges.

Please refer to your iPAQ documentation for detailed instructions concerning use of the ‘Inbox’ application.

Important Note: Many Internet Service Providers block access to their mail servers from outside of their own network (meaning you must be dialed-in to your account from a specific set of telephone numbers in order to access your mail account). This may prevent access to your mail account from any other source on the Internet (including Globalstar). This is a common security measure and may result in your inability to either read or send (or both) your personal mail from the Internet in general. This is not a Globalstar limitation, rather it is being imposed by your Internet Service Provider. If your mail account is subject to access restrictions you have several options:

1. Ask your ISP if they will permit outside access to your account.

2. Obtain another POP3 mail account that is not subject to access restrictions (i.e. Yahoo Mail, etc.).

3. Enter as your outgoing (SMTP) server. This mail server allows your mail to be sent directly from the internet. The mail is then relayed from to the recipient(s).

Finally, be sure to carefully guard the address of any email account used with your Globalstar phone in order to avoid problems with spam (undesired and unsolicited messages sent to your email account).

Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC to Globalstar GSP-1600 Handset Data Cable Adaptor

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Written by Joseph Crowley

June 3, 2017 at 8:04 am

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