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FAQ for GPB-2003 Lithium Ion Battery (for GSP-1600) (TB-01-1016)

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Frequently asked questions for the GPB-2003 Lithium Ion Battery (for GSP-1600) are provided in Technical Bulletin TB-01-1016.

For convenience, these FAQs are also provided in the following posting.

What is the GPB-2003 cycle life and how long should Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries last in everyday use?

The life cycle of a rechargeable battery is measured by the number of times it can successfully be charged and discharged completely. Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries have excellent cycle life over a wide range of temperatures. Typical cycle life at room temperature is in excess of 500 charge and discharge cycles. Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries should last longer than NiCad or NiMH batteries and at least as long as Lithium-Ion batteries.


Will leaving my phone battery on the charger cause damage to the battery?

Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries, unlike some other types of rechargeable batteries, are not harmed by repeated or periodic short cycling or by prolonged periods of “standby” on the charger.

How should I store my phone battery for prolonged periods of no usage?

Ideal storage condition for the battery is in a state of charge equal to 20-30% of the battery capacity. Since this is very difficult for the end user to determine, leaving the battery on the charger at room temperature is the best method of storage. Batteries stored fully charged or discharged may suffer loss of capacity when put back into service.

Why does my battery have less “talk time” when it is cold?

The capacity of the Lithium-Ion Polymer battery decreases when it is cold. The ideal operating temperature range is between -10 to +45C. Even at -10C the battery will maintain approximately 90% of its capacity. At -20C the capacity of the battery falls to approximately 45%. Talk time is therefore dependent on temperature of the battery. A good rule to follow is: Always keep the battery pack as close to room temperature (20C) as possible.

Written by Joseph Crowley

June 3, 2017 at 8:31 am

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