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Description of the Globalstar System

The following document provides a comprehensive description of the Globalstar System architecture and technology, “Description of the Globalstar System“.

Globalstar Architecture:

Although some of the operational parameters have changed since 2000 when this document was written, the document still gives a very good overall view of the Globalstar system architecture.  Some of the changes and updates are that 24 new satellites have been launched and are in service, and more of the gateways are now being operated directly by Globalstar, Inc.  However, these are simply updates to the original system architecture.

Duplex Voice and Data Services:

The Duplex voice and data system is essentially the same as when the document was written.

Simplex Service:

The Globalstar Simplex Telemetry service is a significant new service that was introduced after that document was written.  Globalstar Simplex Service is the system and technology that provides the SPOT, Trace, SmartOne and other simplex devices.  See for more info on the simplex products.

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Written by Joseph Crowley

June 8, 2017 at 12:54 am

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