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GSP-1700 Antenna Position Sensor (TB-07-04)

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GSP-1700 Antenna Position Sensor

There are two problems which have been observed with the GSP-1700 Antenna Sensor which could cause the phone to not function properly.
1. The first type of Antenna Position Sensor Defect with the GSP-1700 causes the phone to display the message “Rotate Antenna” when the antenna is rotated to the correct positions for searching for service and making calls. The GSP-1700 never searches for service when this defect is present.
2. The second type of problem which has been encountered with some GSP-1700 units is related to the order in which you turn on the phone and extend the antenna. If you turn on one of the affected GSP-1700 UTs before extending the antenna, the GSP-1700 will fail to detect service, even after the antenna is up. However, if you extend the antenna first and then turn on the GSP-1700, it will pick up signal right away.

If you experience the above-mentioned problems or any similar type of problem, please call Customer Care at 1-877-452-5782 so that we can help diagnose your particular situation and troubleshoot the connectivity problems.

Written by Joseph Crowley

June 10, 2017 at 9:53 pm

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