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Carkit Mounting Brackets

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Globalstar carkit cradles (GIK-1700 and GCK-1410) utilize a standard 4-hole AMPS bolt pattern so that these carkits can be easily attached to a very wide range of vehicle mount devices.  Vehicle mounting brackets are not provided by Globalstar because there are so many different types of vehicles with so many installation constraints that there is no one type of bracket or pedestal that will work across all installations.

HOWEVER, there a number of companies that have developed very nice-looking, very functional, low-cost custom solutions for almost every vehicle, sometimes with several different mounting options per vehicle.  These clips mount in specific places on the vehicle so that they provide minimum interference with air ducts, passengers, dashboard controls, etc.  The brackets range in price from $39.95 and up.  If you need a dashboard trim removal tool, that can cost another $10 (and up).

Following are links to some of these suppliers.  If you do not find what you are looking for at one site, try another.  If a web page does not display properly with one web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer), then try another browser (e.g., FireFox).  Or, call the supplier at the listed phone number, talk to them about your requirements, and ask them to send you information.  Some of these sites have installation instructions online, so you can review the instructions before even ordering the part.  For others, you will have to talk with them.

Suppliers of Custom Carkit Mounting Brackets

Written by Joseph Crowley

June 11, 2017 at 10:58 pm

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