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FAU200 System Registration Problems (TB-06-01)

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Product Management Technical Bulletin No. 06-01
Last updated: 12-August-2007

FAU200 System Registration Problems

This technical bulletin applies only to Globalstar FAU200 phones.

All satellite phones are subject to brief periods of lost signal.  There are a number of reasons why this might occur, including local radiofrequency interference, poor location (physical blockage), and even sub-optimal installation.  When this occurs on an FAU200, the FAU200 dialtone will change to a “fast busy” until the FAU200 has reacquired the satellite signal.  The amount of time necessary to reacquire satellite service is variable, and is somewhat dependent on why the signal was originally lost.  For example, if the FAU200 is on a vehicle, and signal was lost when the vehicle was moved to a location with physical blockage to the sky, then it will take a long time to reacquire signal.  Likewise, if the loss of Globalstar communication was caused by a rogue transmitter near the FAU200, then Globalstar service cannot be re-established until the rogue transmitter is halted.

Recently, some Globalstar FAU200 phones have been taking excessively long to regain Globalstar service.  Upon looking into this situation, we determined that a particular software problem in the FAU200 makes reacquisition of Globalstar very inefficient, preventing it from regaining Globalstar service for very long periods of time.  The particular problem that we have found is that the FAU200 goes into a 2-minute “sleep” mode if it has not found service after a full search of frequencies.  When the FAU200 wakes up, it goes through another search cycle and, if it hasn’t yet found Globalstar signal, it goes back to sleep.  Unfortunately, the length of the sleep cycle increases each time until a maximum sleep period (32 minutes) is reached, at which time the sleep cycle period is reset to the minimum of 2 minutes.  We have developed an adapter, the RSGB03 Registration Controller, which detects the fast-busy signal on the FAU200 phone line; if the fast-busy does not change to a steady dial tone after 2 minutes, the adapter will power-cycle the FAU200.  In this way, the adapter will keep the FAU200 searching for signal rather than going into “sleep” mode.  The RSGB02 Dial Tone Indicator provides a red/green LED indicator by your desk phone to let you know when service is available (green light).

If you experience this type of failure with your FAU200, please call Customer Care so that they can help diagnose your particular situation and determine how to remedy it.

Written by Joseph Crowley

June 15, 2017 at 9:43 pm

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