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GSP-1620 Integrator Support Requirements

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Support Requirements:
GSP-1620 integrators are required to support their customers directly; end-users will be referred back to the GSP_1620 supplier for any support requests.  GSP-1620 integrators are required to have the following tools for provisioning and troubleshooting purposes.  Globalstar will only provide technical support to integrators who have these tools.
The BASIC and the STARTER Developer Kits both include all of the following tools; the STARTER kit  also includes a modem and an antenna.

  • PST Cable for GSP-1620 (CA90-82310-1)
  • GSP-1620 Integrator’s Reference Guide (Click HERE to download)
  • UT PST CDs (QUALCOMM part number: MCN 64-C1005-4)
  • Developers Cable for GSP-1620 (also known as a “Bridle Cable”)
  • Power Supply
  • Antenna Cables (1 Pair)
  • The Bridle Cable is required as a “golden cable” for use in  a developer’s lab.  It provides a data port, a control port, and power/reset leads.

The above manuals and tools provide the information and troubleshooting tools necessary to provide first line support.   For example, the GSP-1620 integrator’s reference manual describes the AT commands for the Globalstar data products.  The PST will allow you to program the bootup serial port speed of the GSP-1620 data port so that it will match the requirements of particular devices.  The PST cable for the GSP-1620 will provide the ability to change phone numbers and reflash firmware when necessary.

If an integrator or reseller has customers who have large numbers of Globalstar units, then the integrator will usually “flow down” these requirements to the customer so that they can build up their own independent support capabilities.

RF Cable Requirements:
The GSP-1620 is shipped as a bare board and a bare antenna.  No antenna cables are included.  Therefore, you must purchase antenna cables from Globalstar.  If you need to use longer or shorter cables, contact Globalstar for recommendations and design assistance.



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Written by Joseph Crowley

June 15, 2017 at 8:19 pm

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