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Fixed Phone Registration Controller (RGBST03)

The RGBST03 registration controller keeps the Globalstar Fixed Phone (GFP) from going to sleep, thereby providing maximum Globalstar availability to the user.

RGBST03 Registration Controller:

RGBST03 Registration Controller for GSP-2900 and FAU200

The Registration Controller uses algorithms specific to each type of GFP (FAU200 or GSP-2900) to keep the GFP in a continuous search mode until it finds satellite service again. The RGBST03 is external to the GFP. It connects to the GFP’s DC power supply and to the tip/ring lines.

RGBST02 Dial Tone Indicator:

DTI Installation Diagram

The Globalstar Dial Tone Indicator (RGBST02) is an inline RJ11 (male-female) adapter which has an LED connected across the outer pair of the RJ11 wires. When there is no service, the LED is Red, and when there is satellite service available, the LED is Green. The RGBST02 can be placed conveniently next to the user’s handset.

The RGBST03 Installation Manual is available by clicking HERE.

Written by Joseph Crowley

July 2, 2017 at 10:24 am

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