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General Instructions for Maritime Electrical Work

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General instructions for maritime electrical installations are as follows:

For maritime installations, it is a good idea to use Silicone Dielectric Grease on all electrical connections to shield them from corrosion.

Some quality dielectric greases are:

  • Ancor part 700115 (West Marine part 1201250), $8.99 for a small tube (1/3 oz.)
  • Dow-Corning #4, McMaster-Carr p/n 1204K12, $10.00 for a BIG tube (5.3 oz.).
  • Dow-Corning #111, McMaster-Carr p/n 1204K32, $9.62 for 5.3 oz. It’s heavier bodied and REALLY stays put when wet. Good to 400F.

To seal electrical splices, it is a good idea to use heat shrink tubing which incorporates a gel waterproofing material that oozes out both ends of the tube. The tubing costs about a dollar for two pieces.

For extreme marine environments, consider using marine grade electrical wire. Otherwise, if you get saltwater intrusion, your wires will become brittle and carbonized. In contrast, marine grade wire is tin-plated and is specifically designed to resist salt water corrosion.

  • One option is to use one of the marine wire products made by Ancor.
  • Another option is to obtain Navy wire from a surplus supply store; the Navy wire is a little stiffer than the Ancor wire and has “gel” inside the insulation coat, but it is not easy to find.

Don’t forget about the insulation on the wire. It is just as important as the wire. Make sure it is tough and able to take some impact and abuse.


Keywords:  GIK-1700 GCK-1410 GSP-2900

Written by Joseph Crowley

July 9, 2017 at 4:02 am

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