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Extreme Maritime Enclosures – Dimensions

The ENCL-GCK-009a Extreme Maritime Enclosure can be used to protect any low profile Globalstar antenna, and the GSP-1725-DOME-ANT is used mainly for housing mini-stick antennas.  The antennas that can be used with each enclosure are as follows:

GCK-009A Low-Profile Extreme Enclosure:

  • GIK-1700 Hands-Free Car Kit with low profile antenna, GAT-17MP
  • GCK-1410 Car Kit
  • GSP-1620 with low-profile antenna
  • GSP-1720 with low profile antenna, GAT-17MP, GAT-17PP or GAT-17QP

The dimensions of the ENCL-GCK-009a Extreme Maritime Enclosure are:

    • 7.25-inch diameter base
    • 1-inch diameter, 14 TPI (threads per inch) marine mast
    • 4.5-inches, base to top of enclosure
    • 5 inches from bottom of mounting flange to top of enclosure

GSP-1725-DOME-ANT Extreme Enclosure for mini-stick antennas:  

This is a tall version of the Extreme Maritime Enclosure, which is used primarily for mini-stick antenna installations, but can also be used for low-profile antenna installations, if desired.  The dimensions of the radome base are the same as the GCK-009A, listed above.  Only the height of the enclosure is different.

  • 9.75-inches from base to top of enclosure
  • 10.25-inches from the bottom of the flange to the top of the enclosure

The GSP-1725-DOME-ANT can be used with the following antennas and products:

    • GIK-1700 Hands-Free Car Kit with GAT-17MR, GAT-17HX or GAT-17MP
    • GSP-1620 with GSP-1725 mini-stick antenna
    • GSP-1720 with any of the antennas available from Globalstar
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