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Username & Password for #777 Packet Data

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Globalstar packet data service does not use a username or password. A valid phone subscription is all that is required. Therefore, if you are being prompted for a username and password, some service outside of Globalstar is becoming involved.

1. Your email program may be prompting for the username and password which are required to pick up your email. This is perfectly normal. All email servers require a username and password in order to make sure that you are picking up your email and nobody else’s email.

2. Your phone might be in cellular mode. Many cellular carriers require a generic username/password in order to use their packet data service. Since their dialup number is the same as ours, namely #777, users often think that it is Globalstar that is prompting them for the username/password. Check your phone to ensure that it is not in cellular mode. If your phone does not have a cellular subscription on it, then make sure that your phone is in Globalstar-Only mode. Press MENU-8-8-1 and scroll to the “GSTAR-ONLY” setting using the volume buttons on the side of the phone; then press the OK button.

3. Your dial-up networking configuration might be activating more networking components than just the TCP/IP stack and QOS. For example, if your computer is activating “Client for Microsoft Networks” or “Novell”, then those extra clients will be looking for a username/password. Even if you give them a username and password, the client protocols will fail because there is no Microsoft Networking client or Novell client at the gateway which can authenticate them. Your laptop will never get the response it expects and it will keep asking for your username/password. Note that in this situation, it is your own laptop that is asking you for the username/password, and it is your own laptop that is causing you grief, not the Globalstar network! Check your network settings for the dial-up networking icon that you use to connect to Globalstar. Ensure that there is no checkmark anywhere that mentions logging on to a network.

4. Your email program may be set up to do its own dialing. If this is the case, the email program is not even recognizing that you already have a network connection active with Globalstar, and it is blindly starting up a dialer and asking you for a username/password. If you put one in, the dialer would then tell you that there is no dial tone or that the modem is not working correctly because, as a matter of fact, there IS no dial tone and the modem IS already tied up on another call. If you suspect this to be the case, then open up the TOOLS drop-down menu in Outlook (or Outlook Express, whichever one you are using) and select ACCOUNTS or Email Accounts. Go to the Properties of your email connection, go to the Connections tab, and make sure that your email program is not trying to do its own dialing.

Written by Joseph Crowley

July 15, 2017 at 8:26 pm

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