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Charging the GSP-1600 Battery

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The Globalstar GSP-1600 battery packs have evolved over the years. The most current battery pack (marked “Assembled in Canada”) has been distributed since 2003 and is present in the vast majority of GSP-1600 phones in use today. This battery pack is initially delivered to customers with about 75% charge. This battery pack incorporates the very highest quality Lithium-Ion cells available, with a smart microchip safety circuit. The Lithium-Ion battery charger constantly monitors the battery condition and only applies charge current when appropriate. As a result, this battery pack can be left connected to a charger indefinitely. Once this battery pack has been charged, it stays charged for a very long time; it loses about 5% of its charge in the first month of shelf life, and 1% to 2% per month thereafter. This very low discharge rate makes the battery pack ideal for emergency situations.

Written by Joseph Crowley

July 18, 2017 at 8:46 pm

Posted in GSP-1600

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