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Vibration Isolation of GSP-1620

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(Reference SDM IRM pg. 7-20, 7-30, 7-33, E-2)
The GSP-1620 manual states that the GSP-1620 can withstand a maximum of 0.5G when all six mounting points are attached to E-A-R damping feet (MF-100-UC04-H, black).  For detailed vibration specs, please see the manual.
If external vibration isolation is required, the design should concentrate on suppressing the vibration along the long dimension, front to back.

There are number of ways that are commonly used to isolate the modems and other electronics from vibration.  The modems can be mounted on sorbathane isolators.  The modems should be mounted using all six mounting holes in order to minimize the amount of flexing of the modem board.

Alternatively, a number of integrators have successfully “potted” the modems and RMI boards in either a hard gel or a soft gel.  Note that Globalstar cannot provide warranty returns on any modem that has been “potted”.

Written by Joseph Crowley

July 21, 2017 at 12:19 am

Posted in GSP-1620

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