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GSP-2400 = GSP-2800 = GSP-2900 = Different names but same hardware

The GSP-2400, GSP-2800, and GSP-2900 are all different names for the same exact radio hardware.  The reason fo0r the different product IDs is how the products are packaged.

  1. GSP-2400 is the part number of the white metal radio unit for all three of these product packages.  On every one of these identical radio products, the regulatory label on the back face fo the radio displays “GSP-2400”
  2. GSP-2900 – original packaging includes the GSP-2400, a telco interconnect box, an AC/DC power supply, lead/acid backup battery, 50ft cable containing two-pairs of conductors (1 pair for telco plus 1 pair 14AWG DC power wire), and often an analog desk telephone handset
  3. GSP-2800 is often exactly the same as the GSP-2900 but may have some minor differences in the accessories that are packaged with the unit

All requirements and usage instructions are exactly the same for these products, regardless of what they are named

Written by Joseph Crowley

August 6, 2017 at 4:28 pm

Posted in GSP-2900

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