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Configure Windows 8/8.1 to Install Globalstar Modem Driver

In order to install unsigned modem drivers on Windows 8/8.1 systems, “Driver Signature Enforcement must be temporarily disabled.

Comprehensive illustrated instructions are provided HERE

  1. These instructions, complete with screenshots, lead you through the process of configuring Windows 8/8.1 to allow installation of unsigned modem drivers.
  2. The last step of the instructions links to another document which will lead you through the process of installing the modem drivers just like on previous versions of MS/Windows.

These instructions are suitable for Windows 8/8.1 laptops, desktops and tablets, and have been designed for the majority of users, who want to use the DUN installer on the Globalstar website to install their modem and set up dial-up networking.

Written by Joseph Crowley

August 9, 2017 at 10:53 pm

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