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Minimum PPP Session Times

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Question:  What is the latency of establishing and closing a PPP connection?  What is the latency in establishing a PPP connection when the connection is immediately attempted after a transition from a power down state (i.e. all DTR signals inactive) to a power up state?

Answer:  The PPP connection is established within about 2 seconds of the CONNECT from the Globalstar Gateway Remote Access Server.  Sometimes the PPP setup takes longer but, far more often, it occurs in a shorter period of time.  The nominal 2 seconds is subtracted from the billable time before being presented to the subscriber so that, on average, the subscriber is not being billed for any of the PPP setup time.

The PPP connection is torn down before the modem powers itself off.  The PPP setup time after a modem power-on is exactly the same as if the modem had been already powered on.

Written by Joseph Crowley

August 18, 2017 at 3:08 am

Posted in Packet Data

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