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SMS Message Length

The length of the SMS that can be sent over Globalstar depends on the method used to send the SMS message:
(a) Web page:
(b) Email to or to a number of other alias addresses.

The maximum message length for each of these methods is:
(a) Web Page: 39 characters
(b) Email:  max size including both the subject and the body is:
– – –  36 characters if there is no message body
– – –  37 characters if the subject line is 36 characters or less and there is a body of 1 or more characters

The payload of the email method is less than that of the other methods because the subject line is enclosed with [square brackets] and then, if there is no body, a space is added at the end of the string.  If there is a body of 1 or more characters, and if the subject line is max length 36 or fewer characters, the body is appended directly after the closing “]” bracket with no extra space.  Also, the email method requires that the message be sent in simple text, with no HTML and no attachments, including signatures and vcard attachments.  If HTML, rich text formatting, or attachments are included, the message may be modified or the message may be rejected by the SMS server.  Therefore, when in doubt, check it out and run a test.

All methods may modify the SMS slightly, if necessary, to accomplish the following:

  1. Translate or delete some nonprintable characters
  2. Replace multiple spaces/tabs/carriage_returns with a single space.

Written by Joseph Crowley

August 26, 2017 at 10:40 am

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