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Importance of Collecting Diagnostics

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When and where possible, we strongly encourage the collection of diagnostics on remote devices, especially on unattended equipment in remote places.  Put careful thought into identifying the types of diagnostics that will enable you to determine if your unit is performing as well as you expect it to.  If you collect the proper diagnostics, you will be able to do proactive troubleshooting of problems before they end up disabling the unit.  Such proactive determination of problems can be invaluable if it allows you to prevent problems.   Here are some suggestions:

  1. Record the ESN of the Globalstar device (use the AT+GSN command)
  2. Record the type of Globalstar equipment (use the ATI command)
  3. Monitor the number of unknown SMS messages that are coming into your unit.  If you are depending on SMS as a primary means of connecting to the unit, it would be good to know if you’re starting to get “trash” or “spam” SMS messages which will fill up the device SMS queue.
  4. Monitor the percentage of communication attempts where RSSI is lower than allowable.  Although the reported RSSI value is not very quantitative, it would be reasonable to expect that all of your units should probably show about the same percentage.  If you notice that one particular unit is consistently showing very different results than the rest of your device population, you have reason to suspect that something is wrong — perhaps the installation or perhaps the equipment.

Written by Joseph Crowley

September 16, 2017 at 12:15 am

Posted in Data Services

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