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Radiation Pattern of the Low Profile DRA Antenna

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The pattern of the DRA antenna provides sensitivity down to about 15 degrees azimuth, in all directions. Globalstar utilizes a LEO satellite constellation, whose satellites are constantly traversing different parts of the sky relative to the user, so the angles of line-of-sight communication are constantly changing. The best performance will be obtained by having zero blockage down to about 15 degrees from the horizon for a perfectly level installation. When using the DRA antenna on vehcicles, it is difficult to ensure optiomum positioning at all times. Since the vehicle is expected to often be non-level in use, we recommend that local blockages (rooftop air conditioners, roof racks, etc.) be eliminated down to about 10 degrees from the horizon. Partial side blockage of the antenna would decrease the probability of communication but the precise impact would be highly time-dependent and location dependent.

Written by Joseph Crowley

September 18, 2017 at 3:03 am

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