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Data Configuration ==> $QCPKND (TB-07-03)

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Configuration of Packet Data “$QCPKND NO-DIAL”

This Technical Bulletin applies to the use of data services on the following Globalstar User Terminal (UT) products when they are NOT configured for Static IP/VPN service: GSP-1620, GSP-2900, and GSP-1600 (with or without a GCK-1410 car kit).

When initializing any of the affected UT devices (see above) for data communications, it is essential to change the default modem configuration by issuing the command AT$QCPKND=1. The default value for this parameter ($QCPKND=0), instructs the modem to autodial #777 whenever data appears on the data port of the UT. In virtually every situation, with only one exception, such auto-dialed calls will utilize incorrect address settings and any data traffic will be rejected by the internet. The gateway and UT will promptly terminate the call. This auto-dial activity will keep the Globalstar air link engaged and prevent any useful communication with the Globalstar device, whether voice OR data.

The ONLY situation where it is desirable to have the default setting enabled is when the UT has been configured for Static IP/VPN service. This service requires a custom, specialized network be installed between Globalstar and the customer’s premises. If you have Static IP/VPN service with Globalstar, and if you have any questions regarding your service, please call our Customer Care department.

If you experience the above-mentioned problem or any similar type of problem, please call Customer Care at 1-877-452-5782 so that they can help diagnose your particular situation and troubleshoot the connectivity problems.

Written by Joseph Crowley

September 23, 2017 at 9:48 pm

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