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Can the GSP-1620 passive antenna be used with the GSP-1720?

Answer:  No, the GSP-1620 Antenna must NOT be used with the GSP-1720:

  1. The GSP-1720 does not perform well with this antenna
  2. No regulatory authority has given approval for using the GSP-1720 with the GSP-1620 antenna

Technical Trials:

Some people have spent weeks trying to get the GSP-1620 passive dielectric resonator antenna, also referred to as the “DRA” antenna, to work well with the GSP-1720, but the bottom line is that the 1620 DRA antenna gives very poor availability when used with the GSP-1720.

When the GSP-1620 antenna is used with the GSP-1720 antenna, it takes longer to obtain a signal and it takes much longer for the modem to register on the gateway.  Once the modem is registered, the data throughput is roughly comparable to that of an approved GSP-1720 antenna, but the satellite link is lost more easily, at which point, the modem has to go through another lengthy process to get registered.  This is not the type of performance that most people want for a satellite link.

Approved Antennas for the GSP-1720:

Antennas that may be used with the GSP-1720

  1. GAT-17PP passive patch
  2. GAT-17MP magnetic-mount active patch
  3. GAT-17PH passive helix stalk
  4. GAT-17HX active helix stalk (also available with a maritime pipe thread mount, labeled as GAT-17MR)
  5. GAT-17QP passive patch, developed by Qualcomm in conjunction with Antcom

The above antennas:

  1. Were developed and tuned specifically for the GSP-1720, to provide the best performance
  2. Satisfy the Globalstar Antenna Specification completely
  3. Deliver Globalstar Certified performance
  4. Have broadly applicable worldwide radio regulatory certifications for use with the GSP-1720:
    1. FCC
    2. IC
    3. CE
    4. Anatel (Brazil)
    5. RAA (Korea)


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October 1, 2017 at 6:34 pm

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