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GSP-2900 UTDM PST Cable Pinout

The UTDM-PST cable pinout for the GSP-2900 (CV90-81467-M3) is provided below:

Cable Length:  Cable length should be about 10 feet, to allow for easy diagnosis of pre-installed GSP-2900 units.

GSP-2900  PST.UTDM Cable Pinouts

 RJ45 Plug   DB9 Female   Signal Name 
 4  5  Ground
 5  2  Rx
 6  3  Tx
 7  8  CTS
 8  7  RTS



RJ45 connector numbering.

Looking into end of Male Connector.  Hook is underneath:

RJ-45 Numbering Diagram

DB9 Numbering – Female Connector

rs232_db9_Female rs232_db9_female connector

A standalone graphic of the GSP-2900 UTDM PST cable  pinout isprovided HERE.



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October 6, 2017 at 9:30 am

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