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GSP-1720 Molex Connector, Pinout, Specs and Tools

The Qualcomm Globalstar GSP-1720 Satellite Data/Voice Module uses a 22-pin Molex Micro Fit 3.0 Connector.  Interface cables must use the mating Molex cable connector, Molex Part Number  43025-2200.   The pins of this connector are numbered as shown below:

The pinout is provided in Chapter 8 (page 8-8) of the GSP-1720 Integrator’s reference manual, available HERE.

Specifications, drawings and other details for this part are provided on the Molex web page.   (P/N: 43025-2200)

Molex Part Numbers and Tools:

The following Molex parts are relevant to construction of an interface cable.   Note that Globalstar does NOT sell these parts.  They can be purchased directly from Molex or from electronics suppliers.  The prices shown are approximate, as of April-2007.

  • 43025-2200 ==> Molex connector body to mate to the 1720 22-pin port
  • 43030-0009 ==> 30 micron gold pins for 20-24 AWG wire, $0.10 each at qty 500
  • 63811-1000 ==> Universal Crimp tool for the above-mentioned pins, $50
  • 63811-2800 ==> Super Crimper, $215 (alternative to the universal crimp tool)
  • 11-03-0043 ==> Pin extraction tool
  • 63817-0000 ==> Molex Manual Wire Stripper, $95 (if you don’t have a wire stripper)


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