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Configure Email Software to Send Messages over Globalstar Packet Data (#777)

Short Answer (for experts):  Use the Globalstar SMTP server.  Settings are:
Port 25
Authentication:  No Authentication

Full Answer with Explanation:

   Customer can receive email but cannot send emails when connected to Globalstar packet data service (#777).

    This is most likely a problem with your SMTP server.  The SMTP server is analogous to the function of your local postman with respect to outgoing mail.  You give your email (or your mail) to the SMTP server (or the postman), who then sends it to the correct destination.  There are two types of SMTP servers.  The best solution for sending email depends on whether

  1. you are going to be using Globalstar as the primary means of communication for an extended period of time
  2. you will be moving your computer from Globalstar to other communication methods (cellular, to PSTN to a cable modem, etc.) on a frequent basis.

This choice is analogous to your choices in how to send handwritten letters … you have the choice of giving mail to the post office of the particular country that you are visiting (US, Germany, China) or of giving your mail to a courier (e.g., FedEx, DHL) with whom you have an authenticated account already set up.

Option 1 — (Globalstar is primary communication method):
   If you intend to use the computer only on the North American Globalstar network for a long period of time, the best solution is to set the SMTP server setting within your email program to:
Other gateway areas (e.g., Australia) have different SMTP servers and you should contact that Globalstar service provider directly if you will be operating in their service area for any period of time.

Option 2 — (Computer switches between Globalstar and other communication method on a daily basis):
  If you intend to interchange your system between Globlastar and a landline system on a daily basis, there may be a better way available if your email provider has an “Authenticated SMTP Server” available for you to use.

If this is the way you want to proceed, the first thing you should remember is that you can always use Globalstar’s simple, non-authenticated server when you are on Globalstar’s #777 data service.

  • SMTP SERVER:   -or-
  • Port 25
  • Authentication:  No Authentication

However, since we do not have user names or passwords for our phone subscribers, our SMTP server is not an authenticated server and can therefore only be used when you have an active data connection on the Globalstar system.  If you have to use this solution, it would be easiest for you to set up a duplicate email profile in Outlook Express such that the duplicate profile uses the Globalstar SMTP server for outgoing service but isn’t used to retrieve email.  However, we recommend you to ask your employer’s system administrator or your email service provider to provide you with the details for their authenticated server so that you don’t have to be troubled with this issue ever again.

The long-term solution will be to check with the Help Desk or the system administrator at the company which hosts your email account  to see if they already have an authenticated SMTP server which you can use.  Most service providers are now doing this so that their customers won’t have to change their email configuration (SMTP server name) every time they move between their office connection, their home internet (DSL, cable, or dialup), their cellular or hotel internet connection, or Globalstar.

It is also possible that you may be able to use the authenticated server owned by your employer, because almost all companies have transitioned to using authenticated SMTP servers so that their employees’ email can be handled easily and securely when the empolyees travel.

If you cannot make any headway with your primary internet service provider (ISP), then you should ask the same question to any other ISPs with whom you have email accounts.  Using their authenticated SMTP server is perfectly valid and makes your life a whole lot easier.  For example, MSN, Yahoo, Earthlink, and many other ISPs are now using authenticated SMTP servers.  There are a lot of other (smaller) internet providers who piggyback onto the major ISP’s servers so that they can offer this service to their customers.  For an example, Earthlink has a list of over 160 Earthlink ISP partners who use the Earthlink authenticated SMTP servers.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call our Customer Care Center, at (877) 452-5782.

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November 10, 2017 at 12:45 pm

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