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GSP-1720 Power Management and Timing Requirements

The Globalstar document GSP-1720 Timing Requirements – Usage Specifications  provides power management requirements, signal and interface timing requirements and other essential guidelines for use of the GSP-1720.   If the procedures are followed, the GSP-1720 will provide highly reliable service for years

IMPORTANT:  Compliance with these timing specs and procedures is essential.  (available HERE)

  • The Benefits of Compliance
    • It is easy to implement the procedures
    • The modem will work perfectly the first time and thereafter, for years
  • The Problem with Non-Compliance
    • If the procedures are NOT followed, the GSP-1720 will often appear to become erratic and unpredictable
    • If the integrator continues to add new sequences and operations without fixing the timing/procedure problems, the reliability will only get worse.
    • In particular, do NOT implement regular modem RESET operations by applying +5VDC to Pin_13
      • It isn’t necessary or helpful and often makes the modem behavior even more confusing to understand
      • If you think you need to do modem “resets”, then go back and review your existing scripts and procedures, wait times, etc.
      • If you still need help, contact Globalstar Customer Care or your Sales Agent
  • The Cure:  The modem will return to reliable service as soon as the correct procedures are implemented.  


The document can be downloaded HERE.

Document Title:  GSP-1720 Timing Requirements – Usage Specifications




Globalstar is always available to answer any questions, via online resources or via the Customer Care Center or your Sales Agent

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