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Customize Globalstar Modem Negotiation using AT+MS

The AT command set for Globalstar phones and modems includes the commands AT+MS and AT+CFG.  These commands offer the ability to customize the behavior of the Globalstar Gateway modems so that they are more compatible with Read the rest of this entry »

MRI-1000 Installation Manual and User Manual

The current version of the MRI-1000 Installation Manual is

MRI-1000 Installation Manual GS-08-1274 v3.2 (090423)  (Click HERE to download)

Thecurrent version of the MRI-1000 User Manual is

MRI-1000 User Manual GS-09-1304 v1.1 (090423) (Click HERE to download)

Written by Joseph Crowley

April 8, 2017 at 2:40 pm

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