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Globalstar IGO Products

  • These products have been developed by Globalstar Service Providers and are being sold and used in their regions. None of these products have received Globalstar Certification.

  • Contact Globalstar, Inc. if you would like to: — Obtain Globalstar Certification for any of these products — Update the certificate information — Add new products or update product information — Use any of these products in a different region

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GAK-1400 Antenna Amplifier

Maritime kit antenna amplifier produced locally for GAK-1550 antenna  

GAK-1550 Antenna

Replacement antenna produced locally for use with GSP-1600, GSP-2900 or maritime kit with optional GAK-1400 amplifier)  

GIR-2000 Repeater

Globalstar Repeater  

GMK-1410 Maritime kit

Modified car kit with antenna produced locally and detachable handset RF Cable 15m  

GMK-1610 Maritime kit

Modified car kit with antenna produced locally and undetachable handset RF Cable 15m  

GPDK-1420/ GPDK-1430




PDA & Encryption software

GSP-1600 packaged with PDA and Encryption software  


Backup battery for marine kits  


  C-Map Plotter Integration of GSP-1620 with C-Map maritime plotter  
  Camp Payphone Payphone with FAU-200 in camouflage finish  
  GPS-SAT Localization and survey of position data, and transmit through Globalstar. Consists of GSP-1620 modem, patch antenna for both Globalstar and GPS, with a 12 channel receiver and one management logical section (CPU).  
  MCM-8 Multichannel modem with single antenna based on GSP-1620  
  SatCase General purpose case with SAT-600, GPS, Laptop, digital camera, ECG and Defribbrilator  
  SkyRes Advanced system for real-time position control of one or more air flights at the same time. SkyRes improves the current Blue Force Tracking systems capability to select, receive and display information for contributing to Blue Force Situational Awareness  

Globalstar, Inc.

  MCM-8R 8 channels data unit based on GSP-1620 plus bonding router and single aviation antenna  

Globalstar Canada

  Frontier/Skyreach Integrated Vehicle Computing Solution  
  TCK-1410 Softside Transportable Car Kit for GSP-1600  
  Voyager 1500(by Blue Oceans) Tracking Satellite Phone with voice, data and vessel tracking. Canadian federal government-approved Vessel Monitoring System.  
  Wi-Sys/Digimap Addon to Car Kit or GSP-1620 + GPS and monitoring software  
  WS-7130 Intelligent GPS logging and tracking unit for Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) applications. Data Sheet  
  WS-7132 Voice, data and GPS tracking capability for Fleet Management Solutions. Data Sheet  

Globalstar do Brasil

  Car Kit Antenna Replacement patch antenna for Car Kit  
  GSP-2921 GSP-2900 with short Stick antenna, and radome fully enclosing the radio unit  
  GSP-2922 Unmodified stick GSP-2900 with Long Stick antenna, and radome fully enclosing the radio unit  
  RAD-1410 Weatherproof radome for GCK-1410 antenna. 33cm diameter x 11cm height  
  SDM Kit GBR-3620 TBD  
  SDM/Phone kit GBR-3640 GSP-1620 + voice capability with locally built antenna  

Globalstar Europe

  Chronos Microsat SCADA application  
  Mobile Payphones Several mobile payphones applications based on FAU-200 deployed in North Africa  

Globalstar de Mexico

  Cradle Support cradle for data applications on GSP-1600  
  Meter Reading Device Unit for nitrogen tank monitoring based on GSP-1620  
  Switch Control Switch control system to control hot redundancy for voice and data networks  

GlobalTel Russia

  “Maxicom 16T” Small PABX Small PABX with separation of restricted (prepaid) and unrestricted calls. 13 subscriber lines, 3 external lines,

OS/1-U-290 (Communication and Information Ministry of Russian Federation)

GOST R ISO 9001-96

  Tarifficator” Supports real time local billing for voice and data for cash payment  
  Pelican” Globalstar Portable User Terminal GSP-2900-RA in Pelican case, 10m RF cables.  
  2-Wire Adaptor Two-wire telephone line adapter connects standard telephone sets (radio-telephones, answering machines, PBX, etc.) to Telit SAT551 car kits and Telit SAT550X  
  Agat 1204 Uninterruptible Power Supply Constant 12 V (4 amp) stable power supply from 220V input

Anti-fire approval

Electric safety approval

  AST-GCS Aviation kit based on Qualcomm product  
  Data Adapter Asynch data adapter for SAT-551 or SAT-550X  
  DM-R Power Supply Input power is either 220 V AC line voltage or vehicle borne 24 V DC line. Output is constant 13.8V DC, Load is 0.7-7.0 amps RF River Register permit № 64-11.1-06 dated July 17, 2001
  DM-R2-24 Power Supply Input power is 24 V DC line. Output is constant 13.8V DC, Load is 0.7-7.0 amps RF River Register permit № 64-11.1-06 dated July 17, 2001
  EPS-50-2 Portable Solar Power Station (12V)  
  GSP-1620×1 Rack-mount Single GSP-1620 in case with single active antenna, 20m antenna cable.  
  GSP-1620x1c Single GSP-1620 in case with single active antenna, 25m antenna cable.  
  GSP-1620×2 2 GSP-1620’s in one box with single active antenna. No bonding. RF cable lengths of 10m, 20m, and 30m available.  



4 or 8 GSP-1620’s in one box with single active antenna. No bonding. 30m RF cable standard. 20m cable available.

GOST-R certificate

SARS certificate

  GSP-2800 (universal A) Fixed Phone with remote Aviation Globalstar/GPS antenna  
  GSP-2800 portable kit Fixed Phone with remote DRA antenna and Cordless Phone  
  GSP-2800M Fixed Phone for maritime use  
  Metal-Air battery, model 12-МВ-5 Emergency battery using replaceable salt water  
  Monitoring System GPS Monitoring system via GSP-1600  
  Multifunctional Chip-Card Office Pay Phone UTEK-002-02 “MULTI” MULTI pay phone (manufactured by Stek, Ltd.) provides long-distance and international telephone communications. GOST 7153-85
  Payphones 3 or more different solutions for payphones working with FAU-200 or GSP-2900  
  Return Channel for Geo Return Channels for asymmetric internet services based on GSP-2800  
  Serial Port extender RS232-RS422 serial port extender. Extends reach of RS232 serial port up to 1.2 km  
  SMS Manager Support software for SMS, email and voice mail management on GSM Products  
  SZU-BSA-15U Solar Charger (12 V)  
  SZU-BSA-7.5 Solar Charger (12 V)  
  ThermoJacket Thermal cover for fixed phones (FAU200 and GSP-2900)  


  Modified SAT-551 Modified car kit for SAT-550 with data capabilities  


  Qualcomm MDSS 16 Channel Medium Data Rate Satcom System (MDSS)  

TE.SA.M. Argentina S.A.

  Accelenet Software Third-party software for data compression  
  Kit-T GSP-l600 packaged for external vehicle installation  
  Positioning module Interface box between Globalstar products and high precision GPS receiver  
  S@T Mail Improved email system  
  Vessel Kit GS-VK Second generation Vessel Kit  
  Virloc 2 GPS connected to GSP-1600 for fleet management  
  Wi-Fi Hot spot Wi-Fi including MCM-3 and Colubris Hot Spot  
  Wireless LAN Component of Wi-Fi product based on Motorola Canopy wireless LAN  

TE.SA.M. Peru Globalstar

  AVL Equipment Vehicle monitoring product with Globalstar and GPS  
  GDS1 SCADA unit based on GSP-1600 with serial interface to sensors  
  GDS1-M Maritime SCADA unit based on GSP-1600 with serial interface to sensors as GDS1  
  GDS2 SCADA unit based on GSP-1600 with serial interface to sensors (reduced configuration)  
  SX 10 Modulo BP Solar Solar Panels, by BP Solar. Data Sheet.  



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